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Farts and Feet

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Ohhh my tummy is gurgling. Maybe I have some gas pain, but I can't get it out unless I do some fart yoga to push the bubbles out. I'm not sure if they'll become farts or burps though, but I can't let them stay rumbling around in my belly.

Right after I pull my yoga pants and panties down, a massive fart growls through my gut. I wink and flex my asshole to see if it's safe to push, then some farts come out. That's not enough though, and my tummy is making noises with future farts.

Unexpectedly, when I think I was going to fart, a large belch erupts, surprising me with its size and sudden arrival and exit. I'm so full of wind! These gas bubbles and fart gurgles are making my tummy rumble and growl, but most of my farts are just uncomfortable asshole winking. I wish I could get all the farts out! View of my socks MILF feet and ass spreading from below so you can watch my asshole and feet directly as I sit on my feet and kneel to get all of my gas out.

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