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Coin Toss JOI Game With Cum Countdown

Jerk it fast or stroke it slow, edge it hard or let it blow? This JOI coin toss game with cum countdown will have you eagerly watching each coin flip to decide your masturbation fate. With lots of dirty talk and teasing, you'll be excited to see what each devious decision brings.

Barefoot and wearing my leather corset, I've got you right where I want you, masturbating and edging enthusiastically. With each coin toss, you'll be given a new set of instructions on how to edge yourself as you masturbate for me. One flip will land on heads and have you pumping it hard and fast, but the next will make you massage your balls as you grip your cock tight without jacking off.

Deliciously deviant, this jerk off encouragement game will have you begging for more as you edge yourself closer and closer to the 5 second cum countdown. Each coin toss will be a naughty surprise to keep your orgasms pumping harder and harder. Will you edge to the countdown, or will you find yourself replaying this JOI game over and over as you enjoy each bigger and bigger orgasm?

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