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Gemini, Neglected Wife Part 2, Creampied

Gemini and her husband John are out of town for a wedding. John had a little too much tequila the night before, and Gemini couldn't get him to fuck her in the morning. He is so annoying! She even tried masturbating, and her moans couldn't get him out of bed.

So, she put on some shorts and a top and went down the hall to see what his parents were up to. John's mom is out helping with the wedding rehearsal, but his father Peter is there. Peter is very sympathetic to Gemini's situation, after she explains it, although he's a little worried about his son... Gemini is fucking hot, and those shorts she is wearing are causing serious camel toe.

He mentions it to her, and she doesn't freak out, so he takes a risk and walks over to her and runs his hand up her leg to her shorts. She is on board, and before long, Peter is filling is daughter in law's fire crotch pussy with a big load of hot cum!

Peter wasn't done with her yet! In Part 3, they move to the bed...


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