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I beg my brother in law to fuck me

 Here is my idea: my sister in-law is from Spain and you have the same body as her. You're her and invite me over for coffee you tell me how my brother is been neglecting you and how he hasn't been fucking you. And you ask "am i ugly" i say "no you're beautiful" you say "you're just being nice" and I tell you I find you attractive you say "you're sweet but I don't believe you" so then i ask "why do you think you're ugly?" You reply "i dont think im sexy anymore.... but here you tell me" and you strip for me and notice im hard as im watching you. Then you ask if i would fuck you. I say no but you start sucking my dick ( toy is fine) and you say "i know you like this isaac, youre going to fuck me" and then pov masterbate doggy style at first then finish on your back so i can see your sexy body.


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