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Mommy's Good Doggy

LISTEN TO TRAILER (and video) SOUNDS ON! THE VIDEO HAS REAL SOUND EFFECT. "Who is good doggy? Yes.. You are my good doggy, Mommy's good doggy". This woman really likes her dog a lot. She lets the dog hump her leg because she thinks that the dog deserves it. The dog panting for satisfaction and excited to sniff his owner’s pussy. "Don't smell the mommy's pussy" the owner denies first. But she can't resist her dog's enthusiasm to sniff the pussy, so she takes her jeans off and lets the dog sniff. The owner notices that the dog would also like to taste the pussy, so she takes the panties off and lets the dog lick it. A dog licks her owner's pussy until the owner starts to get horny and she wants her dog's "doggycock" inside. She lets the dog hump (fuck) her until she cums and then she wants to make her dog happy too and she lets the dog to cum on inside her. "So much doggycum inside mommy's pussy!" owner notes and let the dog clean her pussy by licking. PET PLAY. FUCK WITH DOG. POV(dog) and SIDE angles. REALISTIC DOG SOUND EFFECT. VIRTUAL PET PLAY (no dildo visible). DOGGYSTYLE. CREAMPIE. (In the video, the owner calls herself mommy).


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