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Bambi Lynn

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Bambi Lynn APClips.com profile

Busty BBW babe who loves to show off! Loves all things fetish.

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Vore meetup gone wrong! BBW swallows you, cums & digests you video from
Vore meetup gone wrong! BBW swallows you, cums & digests you We met on a vore forum, and have been chatting for months now. But now we finally meet up to fulfill your fantasy, and my appetite. I tell you I've swallowed dozens of men, digested many more. The ones that don't want to be digested, I just puk e back up. But many more have become a part of these luscious curves. Just let me know if you change your mind, okay? You're so nervous but I reassure you over and over that you'll will be fine, I won't let you get digested. After a while you relax, and I give you a magic potion to shrink you down to four inches so I can swallow you whole. Before I swallow you, I tease you as a Giantess, jiggling my massive tits and ass. I open my mouth and dangle you over it, teasing you before I finally swallow you. I feel you go down my throat and into my belly, filling me up, and it makes me so horny and my belly so bloated. I rub my full bloated belly, burping a bit, and getting so horny. I strip out of my bra and panties down to nothing, and begin to fuck myself with a glass dildo. Feeling you inside my belly  makes me so horny, and I encourage you to jerk off inside of me. Don't worry, I'll pu k e you up as soon as I cum! I cum nice and hard, and feel you start to kick and protest. You want me to let you out, regurgitate you out. You don't want to be digested. I laugh, that was never part of the plan! You were always going to be digested and made a part of me. You're just food to me, and you're where you belong. In my greedy big belly being digested!! My stomach rumbles as I digest you and feel you kick and protest. I bend over and show off my ass and belly from behind, as the protests stop. You've officially been eaten alive and digested by a Goddess, your life long fantasy fulfilled. You were always meant to be my victim, my snack, my prey. You were foolish to think I'd actually regurgitate you up. You got what you deserve!!! 
Busty BBW intimate GFE snapshow with blowjob, tittyfuck, and creampie video from
Busty BBW intimate GFE snapshow with blowjob, tittyfuck, and creampie One of my hottest snap stories ever!!! We've been apart for months and I've missed you like crazy! I'm so happy you're home, I couldn't stand another day away from you. I ask you how you've been and how your trip was, and tell you all of the things we're gonna do now that you're here again. I love you so much, babe, I missed you!!!! Let me show you how much I missed you.... I tease you with my big heavy tits, unzipping my hoodie and jiggling them for you. I try and take it slow and enjoy you being back but I can't take it anymore! After teasing you for a few minutes and you groping and sucking my my huge tits I need your cock!!! I stroke it, suck it, and titty fuck it. Oh my god I've missed this!!! And I know you missed me gagging on your big cock too. The way my tits swallow it up and make it disappear. The way I suck the tip while I bounce my titties around it. All of my sloppy deepthroat spit. You needed this as much as I did. But what you really want is my pussy. I lay back for you so you can finger me and please me and get me extra wet and ready for your big cock to fill me up and stretch me out. I want you to fill me up with your cock and your cum! Please baby, I fucking need it. After a while you can't resist anymore and fuck me hard and deep. You wreck my tight little pussy and we have intimate crazy hot sex until we both cum! You bust a massive load inside of me, creampie-ing my tight hairy pussy, filling it up all the way! You pull out and I play with your creampie, tasting it, fingering myself, and loving every second of it. After Ive had my fill, literally, we cuddle and kiss and I tell you how much I love you and how much I've missed you, and how happy I am to have you home again.
Busty BBW sister fucks sucks and tittyfucks her bro video from
Busty BBW sister fucks sucks and tittyfucks her bro This is a custom video that uses the name Norman and I refer to myself as Sarah. The third in the series of customs I’m your slutty big sister, and you’re always perving on me. You can’t resist my big tits or juicy curves and have to spy on me. I’m minding my own business in my room, shaking my big tits and bouncing around, feeling my curves, not knowing you’re spying on me. I drop something and bend over to pick it up, and you smack my ass! You’re such a pervert, what are you doing in my room!? I can’t believe you just smacked my ass! Why are you naked?? I told you we couldn’t do this anymore!!! But you’re so hard.... do you want to fuck me? Is that what you want? You want to fuck your slutty sister? You can’t get enough of them? I tell you can fuck me, we just have to be really quiet so mom doesn’t hear us.... she’s in the next room!!! I smack my big ass and tease you some more. I pull out only big titties and bounce them, talking dirty to you while I strip my panties off and show you my hairy pussy. You make me so wet, I can’t help but rubbing my pussy for you. I close the door and start to ride your cock! It feels so good, I love my brother’s cock inside of me. I ride and bounce my big titties, right by the door where our mom could hear!!! Moaning and talking dirty! Mom asks me questions, and I answer, trying not to moan or scream! My pussy is so juicy and wet and your cock feels so good inside me! I tell mom we’ll be done with my “homework” in a little bit and shush you! She’s gonna catch us if we’re not careful!!! I know my brother likes it when I ride him cock, but what he really wants is to lay me on my back and fuck me deep like that and watch my tits bounce up and down. My legs are spread wide open for my brothers cock and you stretch me out and fuck me deep and make my big boobs bounce and jiggle while you fuck me so hard! I moan and talk dirty, telling you how good your cock feels! I know it’s wrong but my brother’s cock feels so good!!! Then you flip me over and fuck me from behind (with my face and tits facing the camera) I bounce my big ass on your cock, moaning and screaming for my brother’s cock! I take it so fucking good and love every inch!!’ You fuck me like that some more, but then you want my big titties. I get them all wet and messy for you, so ready for your big cock. I suck on my nipples and tease them, ready for your cock between them. I know you love your sister’s big titties more than anything. You stick your big cock between them and I suck you off and titty fuck you! I dirty talk and tell you how much I love my brother’s cock between my tits!!!! I beg for my brother’s cum all over my big tits, sucking and stroking and tittyfucking you, and you oblige! Giving me a MASSIVE cum shot all over my big juicy tits. I love my brother’s cum so much. TAGS: taboo, kinky, brother, sister, family, naughty, risky, tittyfuck, blowjob, cum on tits, big natural tits, huge naturals, hairy, bush
Busty hairy BBW anal virgin wants anal creampie for her birthday video from
Busty hairy BBW anal virgin wants anal creampie for her birthday I’ve been thinking about what I really want for my birthday... I know you wanted to get me something special, and I think that I want you to take my anal virginity for my birthday, that would be the best birthday present ever. It’s so tight and pretty and pink and I know you’ve been dying to fuck my ass for so long so I want you to fill it up baby. It’s so fucking tight and sensitive so you eat it and tease it and stretch it out with your fingers a little bit first. Then you fill it up with a clear glass. plug it looks so pretty in my tight ass! You push it in and out and it feels so fucking good. After I’m used to that, you take the next step. You fuck my pretty little ass with a glass toy stretching it out even more. You go slow at first it’s so tight but after a while you’re fucking me nice and hard pushing it in and out and my tight little virgin ass is almost swallowing the whole toy. I even do a little bit of ass to mouth for you, and it tastes so good. Finally I’m ready for my real present. You stick the head of your big cock in my ass and it’s so big I can hardly take it! It feels so good though. Pretty soon you’re fucking me nice and deep, filling my ass up with that cock! It’s so intense and hot. I moan in pleasure and a little bit of pain, loving the way you feel inside of me. After my ass is nice and stretched out I’m taking all of you balls deep. My tight little ass is wrapped around your cock and I want you to creampie it! You happily oblige as I beg for your cum in my ass. After I’m all filled up,I spread my ass to show off your cum dripping out of me! It drips out of my gaped ass and looks so delicious! Thanks for the best birthday ever baby. TAGS: Anal, creampie, anal creampie, anal cream pie, anal gape, gape, BBW anal, anal virginity, redhead, hairy, full bush, bush, big butt, big tits, big boobs, ass to mouth.
BBW stuffing & sitting on food for her ass slave video from
BBW stuffing & sitting on food for her ass slave This is a custom that uses the name Mason and talks about making you my ass slave. In this super hot clip, I stuff my greedy face with a ridiculous amount of greasy fattening food. Pasta. fries, onion rings, burgers, and a big pizza too! I take big greedy bites and shove them into my pretty mouth, scarfing it all down nice and fast. I chug a two liter and get nice and gassy and burp a bit as well. I'm such a big gluttonous Goddess that I spill my feast all down my big breasts and pretty face, but I'm so greedy and lazy and fat I don't care! I know it turns you on too, so I keep gorging myself with sauce and crumbs and a big mess on my huge tits and all around my pretty face.I tell you what a good little ass slave you are, and how you keep my big fat perfect curvy Goddess body so well fed and growing.I pull out my big heavy soft tits for you to admire while I stuff my face, and tell you how bloated and gassy you're making your Goddess! I burp and stuff and chug and moan in pleasure, I just love stuffing my face for my good little ass slave. After I'm so bloated and stuffed I can't eat another bite, I lean back and tell you how gassy and full I am! I rub my bloated growing belly and massive tits, and then I give you what you really want.... I sit on the food and eat it!!! I crush the food with my big fat ass and hairy pussy, just like I'd crush your face. I bounce and shake my ass on the feast and then I keep stuffing my face with the food that's just been under my big ass and pussy. It only makes it even more delicous though, and makes us both more horny. I smack and spread my ass so you can see all the sauce and crumbs on it and get a perfect view of my delicious pretty pink asshole.I dip a burger in the ranch on my ass and even rub it right up against my tight little asshole and shove it in my mouth! I shake my ass and keep sitting on the food, crushing it with my big fat ass and thick thighs, moaning while I stuff my face. Then I tell you it's time to do what you were meant to do. I want you to eat my dirty ass clean!! Get in there and lick it all up, my pretty asshole and big cheeks, my hairy pussy, I want you to lick it clean! I've made such a big mess and now it's time for my pervy little ass slave to eat it all up. I give you a closer view of my big juicy ass and hairy pussy, shaking it in your face while you lick it clean for me. I spread it for you and tell you what a good little ass slave you are, and demand you eat it all up and lick my big dirty ass clean. TAGS: ass slave, ass eating, analingus, BBW ass, BBW booty, BBW dom, BBW femdom, femdom, gassy, burps, burping, belching, stuffing, overeating, fat, stretch marks, obese, stuffer, feederism, weight gain, BBW, redhead, big tits, big areolas, saggy tits, heavy tits, big ass, big asses, big butts, sitting on food, crushing food, food smash, sit on food, food sitting, ass spreading, full bush, hairy, hairy bush, dirty ass, BBW goddess, Goddess.
Squirting & farting for my ass slave video from
Squirting & farting for my ass slave This is a custom using the name Mason. I know you love being my ass slave and making me all gassy and sniffing my farts, so now it’s time for some real pleasure for both of us. I fuck my juicy hairy pussy with a glass dildo and fart all over the place! I talk so dirty, telling you what a good dirty little ass slave you are, knowing how horny it makes you to eat and serve my ass and swallow and sniff my farts while I fuck my wet juicy hairy pussy nice and hard. I fuck myself and fart, teasing and pleasing my gspot until I’m on the edge. I fart soooo much, shocked and turned on at all of the juicy wet stinky farts coming out of my asshole right onto your face! I change positions, bent over so you have a proper view of my big juicy ass and smelly farts while I fuck my pussy deep and hard, moaning and telling you to sniff my farts. I move around again to get the best gas possible for my good little ass slave, on m my side with my legs up in the air! My tits and belly look soooo luscious in this pose; and I can fuck my pussy sooo deep. I moan and fart and my eyes roll into the back of my head it just feels so good to let go and fart and fuck myself! I lean back onto my back and fart and fart and fuck myself until I can’t take it anymore! I fart and squirt all over your fucking face!!!! As I squirt a giant mess I fart so fucking hard multiple times in a row. The squirt gushes our all over the place and even hits the camera!!! I can’t stop squirting as I continue to fuck my juicy soaking wet hairy pussy for you. I keep fucking myself after I’m done squirting, teasing my soaked asshole and pussy. I tell you I want you to swallow and lick up all of my delicious squirt, just like you swallow, eat and sniff all of my stinky delicious farts! You are such a good little ass slave for your Goddess. TAGS: squirt, squirting, hairy, full bush, big belly, big tits, big areolas, fat, BBW, thick, big ass, big asses, big booty, fart, farting, gassy, gas, BBW has, BBW gassy, BBW fart, BBW farts, BBW farting, orgasm, squirting orgasm, BBW orgasm, ass slave, BBW domme, BBW domination, female domination, BBW ass, BBW femdom, femdom.

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About Me

Joined Jul.26, 2018

Busty BBW babe who loves to show off! Loves all things fetish.

  • Bambi Lynn photo
  • Bambi Lynn photo
  • Bambi Lynn photo
  • Bambi Lynn photo
  • Bambi Lynn photo
  • Bambi Lynn photo
  • Bambi Lynn photo
Age 23
Height 5'3"
Weight 200 lbs
Bra Size 40H
Body Type BBW
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red

My Stats

Videos 63
Views 11,946
Loves 12
Faved 45

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