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My Wildest Bush Ever / Close Up Cum

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This clip was shot on a total whim while I was feeling really horny :P Single shot, I start by revealing the wildest bush I've ever had, gently playing and pulling on my hair, spreading my pussy multiple times and begin to suck on my fingers and rub my clit. I lift my free hand over my head for a bit to reveal a patch of armpit hair, too! I fuck myself with two fingers, pinching my nipples and tasting myself every so often, until I get just a little bit creamy and cum hard. After I cum, I continue caressing and spreading my hairy pussy for a couple of minutes longer. This is my fourth video featuring my 'wildest bush ever'. Please note: I filmed this really impulsively and on my phone, resulting in less-than-stellar audio quality. Please don't be alarmed if the audio seems quiet or jumps / cuts in and out a bit at points! I'll be making an effort in future videos to use an external microphone as often as possible ~ I appreciate your understanding while I'm still learning! :) Includes: amateur, solo masturbation, female, redhead, hairy pussy, hairy bush, close up, fingering, pussy spreading, bush worship, pussy worship, redhead, all natural, no make up, pussy play, gentle hair / bush pulling, finger fucking, finger fuck


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