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Your GF Complains About Her Weight Gain

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Boyfriend's POV. I come home and begin complaining to you about how I'm getting fat and am outgrowing most of my clothes. I blame you for this before admitting that it can't be all your fault, as I do absentmindedly snack quite a bit and in general just love eating. Then I strip down to prove to you that I in fact have gained weight by trying on outfits that are too tight. I explain in detail how different parts of my body have grown. After a number of outfits I give up I resort to something comfortable, but still too tight. I ask what you've made me for dinner, and you give me a homemade pizza that you made all for me. I eat the entire pizza along with some chips and dip while continuing to talk to you about how my day went as well as topics regarding my weight. After I finish eating I show you my weigh-in.


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