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Inspecting My Dirty Panties with You JOI

I invite you into my dirty clothes hamper and show you the dirty marks and stains on my panties very close to the cam. I let you inspect them and watch me sniff them while encouraging you to do the same, giving you jack off encouragement. These panties are just regularly worn and placed in the hamper, as if I would never expect you to raid my hamper and nab a pair. I help you pick out the best pair by sniffing my pussy and butt scents and describing them myself. I rub my asshole a few times throughout the process as I can't help myself. I sniff my fingers afterwords, telling you to sniff them as well. I eventually tell you I know you're just going to pick the pair that has the strongest, muskiest butthole scent on them so I identify it. Then I put them on, showing you how it looks doggy-style, to clearly show which areas of fabric press against my pussy and ass. I look over my shoulder and do the jack-off motion with my hand and order you to cum while sniffing me.


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