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CUSTOM: Your librarian girlfriend edges for you

photo of FloraFlora

10:13 | Added 4 days ago

10 minute custom vid for a very lovely woman! Posted with her permission.
I ride a dildo while teasing myself with the magic wand and then in the end am not allowed to cum :'(

some excerpts of the lengthy review she gave me.
"I could listen to your gasps all day............. I love how noisy you are in all your videos but this is especially good... Your whimpers are so cute
The way you could hardly hold the magic wand on yourself for more than 15 seconds at a time was absolutely beautiful
ow you had to stop so suddenly a couple times, making it really obvious you were about to push yourself over the edge.... You did so well with that...
Whenever you pushed your skirt up enough to see your tummy...... You have a really cute one... Looks so soft just like the all of you
The way your mouth hangs open every once in a while when you're really losing yourself to the sensations... You've got a really pretty mouth"


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