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It Won't Happen Again Cuck Roleplay pt 4

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This is the final video in a new cuck series that we filmed. The videos in this series will get progressively more mean/bratty/domineering and I'll continue cheating on you until you become nothing but my pathetic sexless cuck. Get on your knees over there in the corner. I want you to watch him fuck me. Don't take your cock out, just keep it in your pants and jerk off later like a little pervy creep. I can't believe you actually thought this would be a one time thing. You allowed me to suck his cock and to have sex with him, of course this would happen. You wouldn't even stop me if I told you that I wanted him to cum inside me. You think I'm kidding but I'm not. You're nothing more than a pathetic sexless cuck now. I'm the one having all the sex while you just let it happen. This is your fault. This is your reality now. Includes: cuck, cuckolding, cheating, creampie, cum in pussy, mean, femdom, bratty, blowjob, humiliation, sex, big dick, big cock, uncut, thick, teasing, submissive man, missionary, other man, gfe, breeding, roleplay, and dirty talk


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