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I Know You Want A Taste

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[Custom video] I know you think about me getting fucked by big dicks and sucking other guys cocks. And I know you're also kinda into that too. I get the feeling that you might want to share a guy with me one day, both of us on our knees sucking his massive tasty cock. Maybe I can tempt you? I invited this guy over, his dick is amazing and I'm so excited to get my mouth on it. You watch him grow as I suck and stroke his cock. I can see that you're getting turned on too, I tell you to stroke your dick, not too fast because I want him to cum before you do. Do you want to see him fuck me? I bet you'd really like that. I tell you to stroke your cock to the same speed as he fucks me in doggystyle. I want to taste his cock again, I bet you do too. He pulls out and let's me suck his dick, you're really enjoying this aren't you? You want a taste? You wish he was slapping his cock on your face, don't you? I can't wait to make him cum all over my face and taste his cum as you watch from the floor, sitting there on your knees spectating and jerking off. How does that make you feel? Wait, whoa, he's putting his dick back in me! He's fucking me again while I have his cum all over my face. You're never going to forget this


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